Unique NFT Koi Fish

2 min readApr 22, 2021

Koi.bio is a cross chain NFT collectibles based on the Ethereum ERC721 and Polkadot. It has integrated the NFT card game which has the functions of collection, cultivation, trading, auction, game, and others. By adopting the cross-chain mechanism, Koi.bio builds the cross chain NFT-KOI collectibles, such as Polkadot, BSC and ETH.

Koi fish is the game in the category of the business card game.he more valuable the koi is, the less likely it will appear. The first generation of Koi NFT card has the token anchoring value. It also has the function of Koi NFT destroying token to retrieve, which allows to destroy the NFT for cash by the users who do not want to hold it for a long time.

The second generation of Koi NFT cards realize the function of mating male and female fish. They can produce their own unique and valuable koi fish. The color of fish is also automatically combined according to the genes. The color of each fish is also special and unique. The newly generated Koi Fish card image will be marked with a unique card hash value and immediately mirrored on the IPFS chain, realizing the consensus expectation that Koi NFT card will have the unlimited collectibles value in the future.

Koi fish platform will have NFT card trading and Dutch auction functions, which will make it much more convenient for Koi users to increase the transaction liquidity and maximize the value of NFT.
KOI adopts the model of community governance. As the community governance token, the total circulation of KOI on the BSC chain is 60 million. The owner of KOI token can not only enjoy the dividend of Koi service charge, but also play the function of community governance token. It is to use the KOI token to vote on protocol settings, such as the specific function upgrade of KOI in the future and so on. The owners of KOI token can also make the equity vote on the NFT gene upgrade of future KOI and others and mortgage Koi token to become LP on BSC. They can also get a token reward from KOI.

In addition to the collectibles value function, KOI NFT also has the following play methods:

1. KOI NFT mortgaging the mining income
KOI created a mortgage mining contract with NFT card. As long as the users mortgage the NFT of card from the gained Koi fish, will they get more mortgage mining income.

2. KOI NFT mortgaging loan
KOI will also create the mortgage loan function on the NFT card contract, so that the holder of Koi NFT can better enlarge the value of NFT card.





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