The pre-sale of KOI Genesis Mining Pool opens…

Be the first to buy Genesis KOI tokens, and immediately share the first generation KOI NFT

In order to activate the NFT koi blind box market, koi first opened a Genesis mining pond. The issuance of the Genesis mining pool accounts for 15% (9 million) of the total number of token pools. It is carried out through the pre-sale of the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). It uses MetaMask wallet to configure BSC, and then uses BUSD transfer to purchase KOI tokens in the Genesis mining pool. The Koi token pre-sale of Genesis Ore Pool can be divided into two modes: locked and non-locked:

1. The lock-in purchase price is 💰0.06 BUSD/KOI, which will be released linearly by 1% every day and within 100 days.

2. The purchase price is 💰0.1 BUSD/KOI. Participate in the purchase and release Koi token immediately.

> Click to participate in the KOI pre-sale




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Create a cross-chain NFT-KOI collection of BSC-ETH-Polkadot