KOI.BIO launches official Chinese community

The official Chinese community of KOI.BIO has been opened, and the joining address is https://t.me/koibiocn

In view of the increasing attention of KOI Chinese users, KOI.BIO has officially opened an official Chinese community to serve Chinese users around the world. KOI Koi represents wealth and wealth. This is also the starting point for the KOI.BIO team to create a valuable collection of KOI NFT

Important notice

Recently in China, an unknown group is pretending to be KOI forging the official Telegram community to organize an airdrop! Fraudulent use of official websites such as KOI.BIO to issue the same token name on Huobi Heco as KOI. KOI is not launched on Huobi Heco in China! ! ! There is no KOI contract deployment, KOI token airdrop and other activities on HECO. Beware of fraud! ! !

KOI’s official KOI token contract (BSC) address:


KOI’s official community: https://t.me/koibio_NFT

KOI’s official Chinese community:https://t.me/koibiocn


KOI.BIO的官方中文社群已经开启!加入地址为 https://t.me/KOICN

鉴于KOI的中国用户关注度逐渐增多,现KOI.BIO官方开通官方中文社群,服务于全球华文用户,KOI锦鲤代表富贵,这也是KOI.BIO团队创建具有收藏价值的KOI NFT的出发点


近期在中国区,有未知团体正在冒充 KOI 伪造官方Telegram社群组织空投!冒用KOI.BIO等官方网站,在Huobi Heco发行与KOI相同的代币名称,KOI 没有在中国地区火币Heco上线运行!!!更没有在HECO上进行任何KOI合约部署、KOI代币空投等活动,谨防诈骗 !! !

KOI 唯一官方KOI代币合约 (BSC) 地址:


KOI 官方社群1:https://t.me/koibio_NFT

KOI 官方社群2:https://t.me/koi_bio

KOI 官方中文社群:https://t.me/koibiocn




Create a cross-chain NFT-KOI collection of BSC-ETH-Polkadot

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