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  1. Open the MetaMask wallet in the Google Chrome browser, set up Smart Chain (BSC), and then recharge a small amount of BNB as a gas fee. At the end of the recharge, you have to participate in the purchase of the amount of BUSD corresponding to KOI to ensure that the MetaMask wallet is activated. Of course, you too It can be activated with other wallets that support BNB and BSC (Smart Chain), such as TokenPocket and other wallets that Chinese users like

2. Open the KOI GENESIS Token purchase link:, click the CONNECT WALLET button in the upper right corner of the screen, it will automatically associate with MetaMask or other activated wallets

3. Select your wallet account from MetaMask and click Next to authorize the wallet association

4. Choose whether you want to buy UNLOCKED TOKEN or LOCKED TOKEN, and then enter the amount of KOI you want to buy in the button box.

5. After entering the amount of KOI you purchased in the purchase button box, the wallet will pop up the first purchase signature confirmation, click Confirm and enter the Approve state,

At this time, be sure not to leave the wallet to operate, you must wait for tens of seconds or so. The purchase window pops up again for the second block signature confirmation, click Confirm and wait for tens of seconds to complete the entire KOI purchase process

1).If you choose to purchase UNLOCKED TOKEN, when the number of KOI TOKEN you input changes to “0”, KOI TOKEN will be transferred to your MetaMask wallet immediately

2).If you choose to purchase LOCK TOKEN after confirmation,

The amount of LOCK TOKEN purchased will be automatically transferred to the total total balance of ALL LOCK TOKEN below. The contract will release 1% of KOI TOKEN every day in the UNCLAIM TOKENN dialog box after 24 hours, and you can withdraw it to your MetaMask wallet at any time


Because you have submitted the wallet payment by mistake for many times, but failed to implement the wallet signature to confirm the transfer behavior, the wallet will become invalid. Usually, you will be prompted: “ALERT: Transaction Error. Exception thrown in contract code.”, then you click multiple times “Reject” in the lower left corner of the wallet, clear the wrong history, and immediately resume normal use of the wallet

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@ 华文区用户如何参与创世矿池 KOI 预购?

  1. 打开TP钱包(下载TP钱包:TokenPocket ),进入BNB钱包

2. 然后打开TP钱包底部导航栏的“发现”

3. 在TP钱包最顶部🔍搜索栏中输入 这个网址,进入后,就可以预购

4. 点击APP页面顶部的CONNECT WALLET,自动关联钱包

5. 在你选的预购模式中输入你要购买的KOI数量:上下两种模式,一种是不锁仓模式UNLOCKED TOKEN,预售价格为0.1 BUSD一个KOI; 第二种是锁仓模式LOCK TOKEN,每天释放1%,100天释放完毕,预售价为 0.06 BUSD

6. 若选择锁仓模式购买,你购买成功的锁仓KOI累计总量会显示在“ALL LOCK TOKEN”下,在24小时后, KOI每天释放1%的数量就显示在“UNCLAIM TOKEN”下,你可以随时提取

7.在TP钱包中点击“+”,搜索🔍 KOI

8. 添加KOI至TP钱包中即可显示,⚠️:仔细看一下KOI的合约, 0x49158d0c9d39d74b57c3dcb14a442211745777f4 才是KOI真正的官方代币,因为现在仿冒KOI TOKEN 的有好多个,请大家仔细甄别!







Create a cross-chain NFT-KOI collection of BSC-ETH-Polkadot